Prezi Essential Training

Welcome to my first tutorial series. This is Prezi Essential Training. I wish to increase awareness and usage of all the cool stuff available. The intro session was a great success (that is if you guys didn’t think it a waste of your time) and now we are going to explore Prezi further in a series of sessions that I hope you will enjoy.

Below is the Prezi that contains the things we talked about in the introduction session:

In the further sessions, we will go through the skills in much detail. We will also move further into presentation fundamentals where I, alongside Mr Clayton Moses Sir will discuss with you the finer points of presenting. Since most of you have never presented before, we will make you practice and develop together a style of presenting with Prezi.

It will be much more fun if you guys come with your PCs and have some hands-on experience rather than listening to my boring speech (also, either come with a hotspot of your own or get your wifi passwords from your department at around 10:30 in the morning).

  • I will make a tutorial video for you, links to which will be given to you after the sessions.
  • We will watch that video together and then I will assist you as you work with your Prezi

For the details of the next session, please see the next page.

Integration by Parts

This is a detailed description of integration by parts, along with a very useful shorthand.

Origins and transformation of the known formula:

A brief analysis:

Shorthand I:


Shorthand II:

The shorthand discussed, really simplifies recurring application of integration by parts.


We learnt in our civics classes in the past how the concept of democracy originated in France. How it gave the world a freedom and people the power of governance in this world. That is why the history of France and the french revolution is taught even in India.

Today France faces a crisis called ISIS. People call it the Islamic state but what it actually is, is Inhumane State Of Iran and Syria. But it was the final straw to them. To show such courage as to attack the republic of France, the Core member of the UN is like attacking the world. I people are not safe in the country of art love and romance, what and where is the heaven we seek? France faced ISIS now it’s time for ISIS to face  France, and with them the United States, Germany, India and each and every country that wants peace.

I myself in a small town in India  thousands of miles away from the unfortunate co-ordinates that fell victims to the vicious, am unable to see or visualise the terror..  Unable to feel the intensity but I am able to feel mine from the past. I am able to see the cries the pathos and the sorrow. The goodbyes that couldn’t be said, the promises that went empty, the lives that were affected and the lives that were… Terminated.. Myself have a very small voice but still I chose to speak and hope that it reaches the masses. It is enough. Now no more of it. I won’t be terrorised. You kill me I will take ten more lives and do what I have to do. I will spread the goodness that I am. I WILL spread love, I will make art, I will make the best music in this universe. And I will stay France. I will stay free.

ISIS has proved once again that it’s not Islamic. It’s Inhumane. And though I’m a Hindu, I can say, vouch for and bet on, that my Muslim brothers are not Inhumane. Islam is a beautiful religion. It is not Inhumane. ISIS is not Islamic.

We are free, that is how we will be. No amount of murder can bring back that tyranny that we eradicated. We will stay strong. We will weep in losses the emptiness will stay forever. People  that are gone will be in our memories forever.

If you are a victim of this and my voice ever reaches you..  I wish to let you know. I feel for you. We all do. You have our love and the best of wishes. France will always be free of terror, because people of France, you, taught us of freedom and strength… France will always be free. And full of joy, love, romance, art, music and all the wonderful things that I wish to visit france once in my life for. I feel for you.

We are free, we will stay strong for you. Vive LA France.

# vivelafrance

Happy birthday Raveesh

I can’t trust everyone or anyone to wish me a happy birthday(yet a lot of you’ve already wished me.. thanks a lot)….. then again happiness is exactly what had been ripped apart from my life but yet I hope I’ll find happiness some day.

So I thought I’ll wish myself and move on. On this day, I don’t want to recieve a gift from anyone but I want to give one and yes if people receive that gift, that’d be like the only gift I’d want.

Here it is :
A small possible change in the system that’ll promote happiness. Much has been made upon grandeur of temples, mosques, churches etc. But I’m afraid the real importance of such auspicious structures is lost.

a grand temple. but does it fulfil its purpouse?
a grand temple. but does it fulfil its purpouse?


See, we find beggars in front of temples. We give them something to eat, some money maybe and thus increase(yes we don’t decrease it but increase) the social gap amongst us.

All men are born equal and are equal beggars on sideroad  defeats the purpouse
All men are born equal and are equal


The actual system dictates that there is an unknown entity (all powerful) inside that temple that we might call GOD. If anyone has got less than he required , he can go ahead and complain to him and if another got more than he required he can give off the extra. That’s donation. And God will be the entity that’ll work as an agent to equality.

Those of us who’ve visited our share of temples would know that there is a room called “GARBHAGRIHA”. That’s the only room in which the idol of God should be kept. All the other rooms are so that the homeless people have a roof over their heads.


this is all the place a god needs and all that he wants
this is all the place a god needs and all that he wants

They don’t need us to give them food directly, they’re in temple and they’re there to ask that from God (that’s what lungers are for) . And we are there to pay our respects and whatever we have that is extra to god so that he can keep the good running.

lungers- public feasts- food security plan of vedic india
lungers- public feasts- food security plan of vedic india


The result? It’s simple. People will no longer have to worry about food in the stomach and roof over head and thus be able to take risks in real lives. They’ll be able to explore without anything holding them back and just imagine the speed of development of the country if such a system comes to be!
There happens to be no better system that’ll serve equality without boosting ego and doing good of all alike. As all the ego is lost in the name of God.

Money comes and money goes. Homeless today billionaire tomorrow. Billionaire today homeless tomorrow and billionaire again some other day. So over and above all – all humans are equal. We need not feed our ego with designating one as higher and another as lower. Equality is at the core of Hinduism. Equality in genders, financial status, work done, creed, guild. Pure Hindu is one who understands that. Vishnu once said ” It’s only ego that defines one thing from the other. It’s the false delusion of existence apart from the universe. In lack of it, everything is one and you are the universe. But it’s only the excess of ego that will once destroy the universe.”


the speaker of the lines above
the speaker of the lines above

But god is just an idol kept at the core of the structure. Who’ll be the hand of God? Enter bramhans. They’re there to work in the name of God and thus feeding them is equivalent to feeding god. And he who does not do good and the tasks he is so respected for, he isn’t a Bramhan at all thus that position is earned by action and not by birth.

However those brought up in typical Hindu families and in India would believe otherwise, that’s because they’re quite unfamiliar of the scriptures.

During foreign rule over India which is a matter of centuries, our people have been molested. Food was scarce and thus the top priority became stuffing food in the stomach. Most of the families(especially rural) today feel proud of the food they eat(the amount of ghee in it and stuff) . I don’t understand that. Everyone eats food what’s so great about that? But there is now an insecurity beaten into Indians. Food insecurity. Shelter insecurity. Where will I live? What will I eat? And that holds any human back from doing great things.



There is no question that vedic era saw huge advancement. They probably knew much more than we will ever do. We also do know that India was a golden bird. But how did the golden bird fly without wings? There were wings. A complete system that made it happen. A system we forgot. A system that needs to be revived if we want the top again. A lot of it is preserved in the south Indian culture in particular but that’s also fast disappearing.

On my birthday, please spend the time you’d otherwise employ in trying to wish me, to feed this thought. Kindly try to assess it, think about it and drop some comments so that I know that my gift has been recieved. Also do suggest correction and try to spread the word if you will.



At the time Hinduism was made, it was sanatan dharma meaning the religion of humanity. And all noble people irrespective of religion they call themselves to be a part of- are Hindus to me. They might be muslim to a man who follows Islam but the religion is the system made for humanity to flourish and religious is the person who feeds this thought.

I’d really like to see your comments below.