Monkey Washed Cotton Pants

So some guys might have seen me wearing my new pants with the exquisite fades. Well.. this is the most genuinely monkey washed pair of trousers out there. How you ask?

Well this is what happens to trousers when monkey washes them 😜

  1. Put your clothes in water to wash it in the evening
  2. Come tired in the evening and postpone washing for tomorrow morning
  3. Be in a hurry the next day. Forget the clothes (still missing the morning labs 🙄)
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 till Saturday arrives
  5. Postpone washing to Sunday anyways
  6. Notice the water has an exquisite and definitely likable smell and colour. 
  7. Repent and wash your freshly monkey washed clothes and wash them again after drying (to get rid of the smell). 
  8. Be a monkey and wear it with pride in the college the next day. 

Did you like the most genuinely monkey washed trousers ever? Ever saw a cotton pant with these exquisite fades before? Comment and share!

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  • uttam

    hahhaha… funny

    • raveesh

      Thanks for the read! The pants are real and I have done this to three garments till date

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