Factory Method Pattern With Kotlin in android


I am trying to become a better Android Developer. I am at a stage where I am studying the fragments API. But, my approach to learning Android is a little bit different. I see videos and tutorials and courses: all have been made with Java. I have fallen in love with kotlin.When I follow those courses, I look for ways to do the same things with Kotlin. Here is a common development pattern recommended by the google API documentation when dealing with fragments: The Factory Method Pattern. And here I will explore how to implement that pattern in Kotlin. Read more “Factory Method Pattern With Kotlin in android”

Prezi Essential Training

Welcome to my first tutorial series. This is Prezi Essential Training. I wish to increase awareness and usage of all the cool stuff available. The intro session was a great success (that is if you guys didn’t think it a waste of your time) and now we are going to explore Prezi further in a series of sessions that I hope you will enjoy.

Below is the Prezi that contains the things we talked about in the introduction session:

In the further sessions, we will go through the skills in much detail. We will also move further into presentation fundamentals where I, alongside Mr Clayton Moses Sir will discuss with you the finer points of presenting. Since most of you have never presented before, we will make you practice and develop together a style of presenting with Prezi.

It will be much more fun if you guys come with your PCs and have some hands-on experience rather than listening to my boring speech (also, either come with a hotspot of your own or get your wifi passwords from your department at around 10:30 in the morning).

  • I will make a tutorial video for you, links to which will be given to you after the sessions.
  • We will watch that video together and then I will assist you as you work with your Prezi

For the details of the next session, please see the next page.